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Human Rights Research - The Basics

Sources and techniques for getting started with human rights research - especially for the International Human Rights Clinic and other students and faculty at the Univ. of San Francisco School of Law.

Introduction - Westlaw and Lexis as News Sources

When looking for news, try Westlaw or Lexis first, for their more powerful, precise search engines and for greater depth of coverage, especially in time.

As you sift through results, look for original reporting.

When a story mentions a report, study, agency, or group, search for the report, or for the group or agency web site.

Even though Westlaw and Lexis tilt toward business news and English-language sources, they still have several useful collections of newspapers and other news sources from around the world. This page links to the best of those sources. (You will need your own valid  passwords to connect to these sources.)

Westlaw News Sources for Human Rights Research

To see Westlaw's world news databases, start at the Westlaw home page and follow the "Browse" link to: News. Then, scroll down to the "International News" section

Use the "advanced" search template for search options that can greatly boost the relevance of your results.

Some useful Westlaw databases include the following.

Lexis News Sources for Human Rights Research

Some useful Lexis sources include the following.

To see more of Lexis's news sources, go to the "Explore Content" section on the home page, select the "Content Type" tab, and follow the "News" link.

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