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Human Rights Research - The Basics

Sources and techniques for getting started with human rights research - especially for the International Human Rights Clinic and other students and faculty at the Univ. of San Francisco School of Law.

About This Guide

The sources and research tips covered in this guide are geared to USF's International Human Rights Clinic. Because Clinic students appear before U.N. bodies, this guide emphasizes the U.N. system and U.N. documents.

For more detailed advice about human rights research, see the Places to Start section below.

For a very basic treatment of human rights in Europe, see the Human Rights section of the Zief Law Library's guide European Legal Research - The Basics.

For international law generally, see the Zief Law Library's Public International Law Research - A Brief Guide.

Good Places to Start

These free sites are some of the best places to start your research.

Useful Books

Search Engines

Prof. de la Vega Recommends...

Professor de la Vega has suggested these sites, which otherwise might go unnoticed, for some of the issues the Clinic has addressed in recent years.

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