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Animal Law Research

How to find scholarly books and articles, primary law, and news related to animal law.

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About This Guide

This research guide is geared to students at the University of San Francisco School of Law who are researching issues related to animal law. 

Animal law is a broad topic that may encompass the relationship between animals and justice through various lenses, including what justice for animals demands of us, legally, politically, and culturally; and how the animal rights movement intersects with movements for human social justice.

The following are just a few of the topics that may be included in animal law research:

  • the entitlement of animals to just treatment under the law; 
  • litigation strategies to establish justice for animals; 
  • whether animals themselves have a concept of justice within their own communities; 
  • the history of animal law; 
  • the legal status of animals as property; 
  • the concepts of animal welfare and animal rights;  
  • anti-cruelty laws;  
  • companion animals: torts, custody, puppy mills, housing, and service animals;
  • on-farm laws, slaughter laws, ag-gag laws, and environmental laws; 
  • wildlife laws; 
  • animals in research; and
  • animal law and criminal justice. 

Scholarly Research - General Advice

Writing Papers - Expert Advice

This short book is filled with detailed, practical advice on all aspects of writing scholarly papers and articles.

More on Researching Animal Law

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