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Animal Law Research

How to find scholarly books and articles, primary law, and news related to animal law.


These books can provide helpful background information that might put your issue into a broader context. Their citations to major primary authority can also serve as springboards for more in-depth research.

Listed below are some of several titles available through USF libraries, and many are available as eBooks that you may access 24/7 with your myUSF credentials. If there is a book you would like that is unavailable, try Zief's Interlibrary Loan service!

Finding Scholarly Books at USF - Ignacio

Ignacio searches broad descriptions of books. These are just a few examples of Ignacio keyword searches for legal topics:

"animal abuse"
"animal control"
"companion animal" (pets)
"veterinarian duty"
"animal entertainment"
fish and fishing 
hunting and trapping

To further refine your Ignacio search results, select "Law Stacks" from the "Location" options on the left-hand side of the results screen.

Finding Scholarly Books Worldwide - WorldCat

To find scholarly books worldwide, try WorldCat.

WorldCat searches broad descriptions of books. Here are some examples of WorldCat keyword searches for books on legal topics:

animal agriculture regulation
dangerous dog classification
estate planning involving pets
veterinary malpractice
animal testing regulation or law

For even more flexible searching, try WorldCat Advanced Search.

In WorldCat Advanced Search, try "Subject" searches, which can be very thorough and powerful. (You can combine "Subject" searches with key words and can narrow your search in a number of ways.) Here are some examples of Subject searches:

Animal Law "transportation"
Animal Law "factory farms"

Finding Books Worldwide - Google Books

Find books by searching the full text of books using Google Books.

Because Google Books searches the full text, you can often get good results with more narrow, specific searches than would be useful in Doncore or WorldCat — searches such as:

agriculture "climate change"
"animal use" "biomedical research"
"animal welfare" europe
international protection "endangered species" 

With Advanced Search, you can search by author and title, and limit by publication date.

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