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Finding a Topic for Your Law School Paper or Law Review Comment/Note

Techniques and sources for identifying new or unsettled issues that could be the basis for a good law school paper or law review comment or note.


If you have a general area of law in mind — even a broad one, like employment law or intellectual property — topical blogs and the news sources listed here can inspire ideas for topics.

Topic-Specific Legal Blogs

Good legal blogs devoted to specific topics will clue you in to new developments and current controversies. The following sites sort some of the wheat from the chaff and will help you find interesting and useful topical legal blogs.

News from Bloomberg BNA

News from Law360

Law360 is a legal news and analysis service. It "has more than 40 practice area, industry, and state sections that cover litigation, legislation and regulation, corporate deals, major personnel moves, and legal industry news and trends."

Westlaw Topical Highlights

Westlaw Topical Highlights are prepared by West editors and summarize recent developments in about two dozen specific areas of law from admiralty to tax.

When you select one of the West Topical Highlights, Westlaw will automatically display the latest updates. You can also run your own searches.

Various Publishers' Newsletters on Westlaw

WestlawNext has current-awareness newsletters from third parties such as Andrews Publications, Legal Works (Glasser), and others. These newsletters often default to showing you the 10 or so most recent articles, plus it's also possible to run broad searches to retrieve all the articles from recent issues. (Before you search any of these newsletters, check its information link (the letter "i") to be sure it is still being updated.)

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