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Finding a Topic for Your Law School Paper or Law Review Comment/Note

Techniques and sources for identifying new or unsettled issues that could be the basis for a good law school paper or law review comment or note.


If you don't yet know what area of law you want to write about, browse the legal news sites on this page for inspiration.

General Legal News Sites

Browsing general legal news sites and newsletters can alert you to new trends, unresolved problems, and reports of interesting new cases. Opinion pieces can introduce you to provocative new ideas and issues. Here are a few particularly useful legal news and opinion sources:

Westlaw Bulletins

Westlaw Bulletins summarize "recent federal and state judicial, legislative, and administrative activities," and are organized by jurisdiction rather than by topic.

Selecting the link to any of these Bulletins will automatically retrieve the most recent news, provided that you are a Westlaw subscriber and have already signed on to Westlaw. You don't need to run a search unless you want to look for specific terms or change the date range.

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