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U.S. Supreme Court Research

Find information about the Court, its justices and its cases. Get opinions, briefs, argument transcripts, and the latest news.

Briefs and Petitions on the Internet

Briefs, Petitions, and Related Documents - Westlaw

USF law school faculty, students, and staff can use Westlaw to find Supreme Court briefs, petitions, and joint appendices. There is a source that combines all three types of documents, plus separate sources just for briefs, petitions, and joint appendices

Briefs & Petitions on Lexis Advance

USF law school faculty, students and staff can use Lexis to find Supreme Court briefs and petitions.

Briefs & Petitions on Nexis Uni

USF non-law-school students, faculty, and staff can use NexisUni to find (and print, email, or download) Supreme Court briefs and petitions.

You can use key words, party names, attorney names, docket numbers, etc. as search terms.

Coverage start at about 1936 for selected briefs. Fuller coverage for briefs in "cert. granted" cases starts with the 1994-95 term. Coverage for petitions begins with the 1999-2000 term.

Briefs in Print at the Zief Law Library

For selected briefs in a convenient format, check: Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Briefs and Petitions on Microfiche

The Zeif Library has briefs and petitions on fiche from 1951 to 2016, in Fiche Cabinets 21 through 26.

For 1951-1971, the library has briefs for full opinion cases only. Starting with 1973, the library has briefs and petitions for almost all cases: full opinion; cert. denied; summary disposition; and per curiam.

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