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U.S. Supreme Court Research

Find information about the Court, its justices and its cases. Get opinions, briefs, argument transcripts, and the latest news.

About This Guide...

This guide covers: news about the Court; pending case information; opinions; briefs and petitions; oral argument transcripts; justices - biographies and other information; articles and books about the court; and statistical information about the Court.

For advice specific to your research, ask a research librarian at the Zief Library Research Desk, or call 415.422.6773.

Filling a Vacancy

What about filling an open seat on the court? Visit the "Nominations" section of this guide for information on the process and links to the latest news.

Best Web Sites

Best Supreme Court Practice Guide

If you have a case before the Supreme Court, or one you'd like to take to the Court, this is THE practice guide to consult. It covers strategy and tactics, all the ins and outs of the Court's rules and procedures, as well as the Court's customs.

Best Introductory Books

These books cover the Court's procedures, history, and justices, and can lead you to further, more detailed, research resources.

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