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European Legal Research - The Basics

Ways to find EU law; scholarship about about EU law; information on the EU legal system; and materials (including cases) on human rights in Europe.

Introduction to the Courts

This page covers several ways to find cases from the Court of Justice of the European Union (also known informally as the European Court of Justice or ECJ.) The Court currently consists of three courts: The Court of Justice, the General Court (formerly the Court of First Instance), and the Civil Service Tribunal. Basic background information about the Court is available at the Court's site.

The Human Rights section of this guide deals with the European Court of Human Rights.

Case Law from the Court of Justice of the European Union

The Court's site gives researchers several ways to find relevant case law —

CJEU Case Law on HeinOnline

HeinOnline has PDFs of the official reports of the European Court of Justice.

CJEU Case Law on Lexis

The most complete Lexis source for cases from the Court of Justice of the European Union is "EU Cases." 

Sample searches:

  • For specific cases by name: name("national farmers union")
  • For specific cases by case number: name(27/76) or name(c-241-01)

CJEU Case Law on Westlaw

Here are two Westlaw sources for ECJ cases. The most complete is the "European Union Cases" source.

Sample searches (run as "Advanced" searches on Westlaw):

  • For specific cases by name: title("united brands")
  • For specific cases by case number: dn(27/76) or dn(c-241-01)
  • For specific cases by European Court Reports citation: citation("1978 ecr 207") or
    citation("2008 ecr i-6351")

CJEU Cases on Microfiche and in Print at the Zief Law Library

All ECJ cases are available at the Zief Law Library on microfiche. Selected cases are available in various print sets.

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