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California Administrative Regulations

An overview of where California administrative agency regulations are published, how to find relevant regulations, and how to make sure regulations are up-to-date.

Introduction - Why Updating is Important

Regulations change frequently — often more frequently than statutes. And it is, of course, critically important to base your advice to a client on the latest version of a regulation.

This page lists several good options for checking to see if you have the current rules on your topic.

Using the "Z Register" to Update Regulations

The most official source for updates to the California Code of Regulations (CCR) — and particularly for proposed regulations — is the California Regulatory Notice Register (also known as the "Z Register").

The "Z Register" is published weekly, and is available in PDF format from the Office of Administrative Law, and in print.

Using the CCR on Westlaw or Lexis to Update Regulations

Both Lexis and Westlaw do their best to incorporate (or at least link to) changes in their versions of the California Code of Regulations within a couple of weeks of the change.

Agency Web Sites as Sources for New or Proposed Rules & Regulations

Many California executive branch agency web sites have good, current information about new and/or proposed regulations. If you know the agencies that have oversight of your clients' issues, check their sites frequently to stay on top of the latest developments.

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