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Search Engines — A Sampling of Alternatives to Google

Some surprisingly useful general and specialized search engines.

Finding Articles - Specialized Search Engines

Try in addition to Google Scholar...

If you find a citation to an article but no link to the text, or if you hit a paywall, See the Journal Finder box below to check whether USF has the journal in print or digital format.

Journal Finder – Is the Journal I Need at USF?

So you have a citation to a great-sounding article — but not direct link to the full text....

How do you tell if the article is available at USF?

Just use USF's "Journal Finder" to look up the title of the journal that published the article. If that journal is available at USF, it will (usually) show up in the journal finder.  

(One caveat: the Journal Finder doesn't tell you if a journal is on Westlaw or on Lexis Advance.)

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