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Tax Research - Federal

This research guide highlights important sources and provides tips for researching federal tax law.

Checkpoint (Thomson Reuters)

Checkpoint from Thomson Reuters contains primary and secondary tax resources. It contains extensive secondary sources and expert analysis, including editorial content from the Research Institute of America (RIA), the authoritative Warren, Gorhman, & Lamont (WG&L) Treatises, and in-depth analysis of tax legislation. Checkpoint contains a robust full-text search functionality similar to Westlaw. If you have an individual password, please login to Checkpoint here. If you are a USF student but do not have an individual password for Checkpoint, you can login through the link on the Zief Law Library's A to Z Resource List

Intelliconnect (CCH)

Intelliconnect contains primary and secondary sources for tax research, including the CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter. It is possible to do full-text searching on Intelliconnect, but browsing the topics often works better. USF students, staff, and faculty, can access Intelliconnect from Zief Law Library's A to Z Resource List.

Bloomberg Law - Tax Practice Center

Visit Bloomberg Law's Tax Practice Center for access to primary and secondary tax resources, including the BNA Tax Portfolios. To access the Tax Practice Center, log on to Bloomberg Law (with your individual user name and password), select "Practice Centers" from the left navigation links, and then select "Tax." If you wish, you can set the Tax Practice Center as your homepage.

Lexis Advance Tax

Lexis Advance Tax is a subsection of Lexis Advance entirely devoted to tax research. It contains primary and secondary sources for tax research, including Lexis Tax Advisor. To access it, login to Lexis Advance (with your personal user name and password), and then in the upper left corner, select "Lexis Advance Tax" from the drop-down menu.

Westlaw - Tax Practice Area

To access a list of primary and secondary tax resources on Westlaw, log on with your individual user name and password, select the "Practice Areas" tab from the home screen, and then select "Tax".

IRS Website

The IRS website offers free tax resources to the public. To access legislative and regulatory tax resources from the homepage, select the "News and Events" tab, and then click on the "IRS Guidance" link on the left. In the IRS Electronic Reading Room, you will find a complete list of information and resources available on the IRS website, organized by subject category.

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