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International Trade, WTO & Environmental Law - A Research Guide

Tips and sources for researchers exploring the intersection between international trade law and international environmental law. Prepared for members of the International Trade, WTO, and Environmental Law Seminar at the USF School of Law.

Finding Scholarly Books at USF

To find scholarly books at USF that discuss international trade, international environmental law, or both, start with Ignacio's keyword search.Ignacio searches broad descriptions of books. For good results try keyword searches along these lines:

environmental "international trade"
environment* trade
environment* NAFTA
environment* WTO

To further refine your search, select "Law Stacks" from the "Location" options on the left-hand side of the screen.

Finding Scholarly Books Worldwide with WorldCat

To find scholarly books worldwide, try WorldCat.

WorldCat searches broad descriptions of books. For good results, try keyword searches along these lines:

environment* and trade
environment* and NAFTA
environment* and WTO

For even more flexible searching, try WorldCat Advanced Search.

In WorldCat Advanced Search, try "Subject" searches like the following. (You can combine "Subject" searches with key words and can narrow your search in a number of ways.)

International trade -- Environmental aspects
Environmental law, International
International Trade
Foreign Trade
Free Trade
World Trade Organization
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization)

Finding Books Worldwide with Google Books

Find books by searching the full text of books using Google Books.

Because Google Books searches the full text, you can often get good results with more narrow, specific searches than would be useful in Doncore or WorldCat — searches such as:

"international trade" "shrimp turtle"
"international trade" environmental SPS

With Advanced Search, you can search by author and title, and limit by publication date. For more information, see Using Google Book Search.

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