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Introduction to United States Law

This guide will provide an introduction to United States law for those new to the study of United States law or anyone looking for a general overview.

American Courts and the Judicial Process

Robert A. Carp, Ronald Stidham & Kenneth L. Manning, Judicial Process in America, 7th ed. (CQ Press, c2007)
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William S. Miller, A Primer on American Courts (Pearson Longman, c2005)
KF 8720 .M55 2005 Law Stacks

Civil Procedure

Mary Kay Kane, Civil Procedure in a Nutshell, 7th ed. (West⁄Thompson Reuters, c2013)
KF 8841 .K36 2013 Law Open Reserve

Stephen Subrin & Margaret Y. K. Woo, Litigating in America: Civil Procedure in Context (Aspen Publishers, c2006)
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Criminal Law and Procedure

Wayne R. LaFave, Criminal Law, 4th ed. (Thomson⁄West, c2003)
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Wayne R. LaFave, Jerold H. Israel & Nancy J. King, Criminal Procedure, 4th ed. (Thomson⁄West, 2004)
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