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General & Federal Practice Guides

Guide books and form books available at Zief Law Library that deal with federal law topics and non-state-specific state-law topics.


This guide lists many well-known and commonly-used practice guides, form books, and other sources available both online and in the library for federal resources and other general subject matter.  (Zief Law Library call numbers are given.)  To look for other practice guides on your topic, search, USF's online catalog, Ignacio, by keyword (e.g., "administrative mandamus and Federal"), or by subject. 

This guide is organized by general topics, such as civil procedure and criminal procedure, jury instructions and multi-subject guides, and by specific practice areas for both litigation and transactional practices.  

Online sources: Many individual practice guides are available on Lexis Advance and Westlaw. Some core materials are also available in group files:

Form books as practice guides and vice-versa: many form books also offer extensive analyses, explanations, and practice pointers. Likewise, many practice guides contain at least some basic forms.

Identifying form books in this guide: to find publications that are particularly rich in forms, look for [FORMS] at the end of the description.

California Information: To find more information regarding California specfically, visit California Practice Guides and Form Books

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